Anki Overdrive – First Look New App Modes, Track Scanning

Anki Overdrive – First Look New App Modes, Track Scanning

We have a tour of the new app for Anki Overdrive from Anki President Hanns.

We tour through the different modes and features in the app along with Avatar profile, Tracks and Garage. The next three commanders (Sniper, Apeocolypse, Sever) are also on screen along with the new King of the Hill mode.

We then test out the track scanning process with the robot Anki cars where they travel the course we made to load it into the app ready to race.

Players in Anki OVERDRIVE control a variety of highly detailed robotic supercars on tracks they’ve assembled in their own living room. The supercars are customizable with hundreds of new virtual weapons, upgrades and special items for all-out vehicular mayhem. Cutting-edge AI allows the cars to fully control themselves on the tracks and use diverse strategies to fight to the finish. The game supports up to 4 players at once, with any combination of human and AI players. Team Play and Balance Cars settings add even more variety and fun for matchups of experienced and novice players.

Everything we Know

Anki Overdrive Car Run Down

Let’s Play Anki Overdrive King of the Hill mission

Anki Overdrive New Game App Sneak Peek

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