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Zoomer Dino Jester – Zombie, Burps, Farts, New Remote

We have a hands on with Zoomer Dino Jester. The new version of Zoomer Dino for this year offers an array of different mischievous modes. Hypnotise him and turn him into chicken, dog, cow or even a zombie. Dizzy Spin move that causes him to fall over. New directional controller that has a record feature to include in the toy.

Like Zoomer Dino Boomer, Jester also performed the following:
– Features two modes of play
– Balances on two wheels
– Boomer’s eyes change colour with his mood
– Make Boomer speak, sit and tail whip through gesture commands
– Features chomping action

Jester can can chase, chomp, guard and even ROAR! Watch his eyes change colour with his mood. Balancing on two wheels using True Balance Technology, he’s the ultimate pre-historic interactive pet. Use your hands to tame his Dino nature and build your friendship. Try and control him with the control pod, or even make him dance! But beware – you may lose control! Contents include 1 Zoomer Dino Boomer, 1 control pod, 1 mini USB cable and 1 instruction guide. 3xAAA batteries required for control pod (not included). For ages 5 years and over.

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