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Osmo Masterpiece is iPad Freehand Drawing Magic (HP Sprout beater)

If you’ve not come across it yet, Osmo is a simple lozenge placed over the iPad’s front facing camera that enables it to see the desk in front of it. This is used in games that read objects and lines for spelling, vocabulary, shape matching and logic games. It’s a simple solution to the physical-digital divide created by young parents out of Stanford, drawing on experience from Ubisoft, LucasArts and Google.

Masterpiece is a free addition for Osmo that assists you as you learn to draw better and recreate what you are seeing in front of you. In terms of learning outcomes the objective is that this will nurture spatial intelligence and build confidence in drawing instincts.

Once you’ve finished your drawing you can frame it, stick it on the fridge or save it digitally to share with friends and family. Osmo records video of the drawing process so this can be shared as well as the finished work.

Press Release:
Kids Tech Device Osmo Launches Masterpiece: A Groundbreaking New Drawing Experience That Will Bring Out The Artist In Everyone

PALO ALTO, Calif. – (March 12, 2015)— Today, Osmo, the breakout kids hardware tech device that was named one of the best inventions of 2014 by Time Magazine, announces its next experience, Masterpiece. With this launch, the company is revolutionizing the way we learn and think about the most fundamental form of art, drawing. It’s something you have to see to believe: http://youtu.be/0upQlA6K5YI

To purchase Osmo and create your very own Masterpiece, visit: playosmo.com

How it works:
With Masterpiece, users snap a picture of anything or anyone and use Osmo’s award winning Reflective AI technology to help guide them as they draw line-by-line to recreate the image. A major evolutionary upgrade to the long history of drawing tools, such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s grid method, Masterpiece assists you as you learn to draw better, helping you recreate what you are actually seeing in front of you, nurturing your spatial intelligence and building confidence in your instincts over time. Once you’ve finished your drawing you can frame it, stick it on the fridge or save it digitally to share with friends and family.

“The first form of human expression was drawing — we drew pictures before words. Drawing is an essential skill that we use every day throughout our entire lives, from the scribbles that make our parents smile to the blueprints that define our world,” said Pramod Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Osmo. “Picasso once said: ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ With Osmo we want to provide kids with tools to let them express their creativity and build confidence that scales with their aspirations.”

Masterpiece launches with these incredible features:
Infinite Library – Images can be captured via camera or pulled from an internet search, making Masterpiece a modern drawing (or coloring) book with infinite number of pages!
AutoLine and AutoShade – Osmo’s Reflective AI automatically analyzes the digital image to suggest best lines and shades to draw.
Composition – You can rotate, zoom and move the digital template to fit your imagination on paper. Masterpiece also allows combinations of multiple objects from real life or online images to make completely new compositions.
Video Capture – Masterpiece makes an amazing time-lapse video of each of your drawings that is a fun and unique movie for you to share with friends and family!

Masterpiece works for all ages. A child can draw their favorite character, a teenager can draw a comic strip, and parents can draw their kids playing. Masterpiece works on any surface and with several types of drawing instruments. Pens on newsprint make a great coloring book, crayons on construction paper make unique and original birthday cards, and charcoal on bristol board make a piece of fine art!

To order your Osmo or get more information about the company visit: www.playosmo.com. Anyone who has already purchased Osmo can download Masterpiece for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/masterpiece-for-osmo/id947529440?ls=1&mt=8. Osmo is sold online and in select Apple stores around the world and is continuing to expand its availability across the globe.

About Osmo
Started in 2013 by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, Osmo is a kids tech company built around its proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence. It aims to create a new play movement to unleash the boundaries of the screen. With its inaugural product, Osmo expands the playing field and engages creative thinking and social interaction, allowing any object – pen and paper, you name it – to interact with the digital device. Osmo is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

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