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World Cup Final Fun with Age Of Soccer Board Game

Legend Express make their first foray into board games with the perfectly timed, Age of Soccer. This board/card game hybrid will grab you with it’s beautiful artwork, both on the exterior and on the various components within the box, but it’s more than just a pretty face. Aimed squarely at the family market, Age of Soccer has been designed to be straightforward to play, but with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting for adult players. Turns comprise of training and match phases where you can use your arsenal of action cards to increase your chances of victory. Before kick-off you get to tinker with your team, adding star players, picking up match cards and screwing with your opponents team before challenging them on the field, vying to win their team shields as you face off against each of them in fast paced matches.

The game can be enjoyed with as few as three players, but it becomes even more interesting with four or more, as it opens things up to greater use of the offside and counter-attack cards, allowing outside interference in matches. For those who might be put off by the soccer theme, do not fear, no prior knowledge or love of the sport is required!

There’s lots of fun to be had with Age Of Soccer for all ages and it’s available now from Amazon for a mere £25:

3-6 Players
Ages 8+
Game-time 30-45 mins

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