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Minecraft Combat Handbook Guide Book Review

This will “teach you everything you need to know to defend yourself from hostile monsters and enemy players. You can learn how to build a fort, craft armor and weapons, set mob traps, defeat your enemies in one-to-one combat, and battle your way out of the Nether and the End. With tips from many Minecraft experts, you’ll be a formidable Minecraft warrior in no time!”

Again this offers highly technical and complex information in an easily accessible format. While my family have so far stuck largely to the creative mode of the game, reading about how to properly play within the Survival mode has whet their appetite for more.

The book offers two kinds of advice. Details on the different enemies in the game, how to deal with them (and how not to deal with them in terms of common mistakes). It also suggests building and approaches that offer the best defense against these beasties that come out at night.

As well as offering a reading incentive, these books are also a nice Minecraft themed present. They offer considerably better value than the thousands of different Minecraft paraphernalia that demands a high price because of the license rather than the product itself. The books would stand in good stead regardless of the popularity of the product, and at around $10 are excellent value.

The book includes the following sections:
– Basic Weapons
– Armour
– Mob Combat
– Spider
– Slime
– Creeper
– Skeleton
– Zombie
– Witch
– Enderman
– Combat in Nether
– Ghast
– Magma Cube
– Blaze
– Wither Skeleton
– Zombie Pigman
– Wither
– Ender Dragon
– Enchanting
– Potions
– Fort Battleground
– Long Drop Trap
– TNT Cannon
– Exploding Trap

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