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Tori Video Game – Cut, Colour and Scan Your iPad Spaceship

Video supported by Namco Bandai for us to look at the new Tori toy and video game. It’s a bit like Skylanders and a bit like Harry Potter and a bit like Angry Birds. There are also parts of it that remind us of Nintendo Labo.

We get the family to play the game so that parents can see what it’s like and the value they will get from the investment. Along the way we fold and colour in our own spacecraft and use the Tori play board to go on a space adventure.

Official blurb:
“We’re offering families a whole new way to play, where the magic of digital entertainment and technology is combined with fun creative activities.

tori uses the latest cutting edge technologies to personalise tori’s worlds by scanning creations you’ve created in real life and experience them digitally, whether it is a space ship in Crystal Chase, or the scenery in Jungle Rescue. We call this Mirror Play.

This merging of off-screen activities with digital experiences has been developed in collaboration with experts in kids soft skills development ensuring more positive and beneficial results for children while having fun on a tablet or smartphone.

Please find out more on the product below and we hope you enjoy tori’s worlds if you dive in!”

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