Skylanders News #1: Swap Force McDonalds Toys and Wave 3 hits Europe

Skylanders: Swap Force Wave 3 hits UK stores in the next two weeks, so fans will finally be able to get their hands on Spy Rise, Rubble Rouser, Stink Bomb, Lightcore Countdown, Lightcore Wham-Shell, Dune Bug, Smolderdash, Phantom Cynder, Hyper Beam Prism Break and Horn Blast Whirlwind. We should also be getting Sheep-Wreck Island (Adventure Pack) and the Arkeyan Crossbow (Battle Pack).

Also, keep an eye out of the hugely sought after Gold Fire Kracken and if we’re lucky, we may also see McDonalds finally putting some Skylanders toys in UK Happy Meals (fingers crossed).

Here’s the McDonald’s France and McDonald’s Spain adverts:

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