Splatoon Wii U Weapon Loadouts Analysis & Amiibo Features

Splatoon Wii U Weapon Loadouts Analysis & Amiibo Features

Nintendo unveiled more details on Splatoon the multi-player third person shooter game with a family friendly painting rather than shooting mechanic.

We got to see in detail the different classes of weapons:
– Shooter
– Charger
– Roller

We also had details on combining Main Weapons, Sub Weapons and Special Weapons to create you own custom load-outs to suit any type of play.

If you’ve not caught it previously, Splatoon combines creative ink-spraying with tactical turf-claiming action. It’s being pitched as the Mario Kart or shooting games and that’s not far from the truth. Like Nintendo’s kart racer, Splatoon can accommodate players of all ages and skill levels.

Each player takes on the role of the Inklings, customisable characters that can transform into squids. After splatting opponents and covering a level with colourful ink, players can transform into squids and swim quickly through their own ink or use it to take cover and hide from enemies.

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