Ready Jet Go – The Gravity Song

Clip provided by rights holder and used with permission.

We’ve been talking to Wind Dancer Films who make the Ready Jet Go. Here’s a clip of the upcoming Gravity song they’ve given us to share on the channel.

The show features the following characters:
Jet Propulsion (Ashleigh Ball)
Sean (William Ainscough)
Sydney (Dalila Bela)
Mindy Melendez (Jaeda Lily Miller)

The Gravity song will feature in an upcoming episode of Jet Set Go in April:
– A Visit from Uncle Zucchini / Mindy’s Weather Report
– Solar System Bake-Off / Kid-Kart Derby
– Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites / Mindy’s Meteorite Stand
– Mindy Pet-Sits Sunspot / Treehouse Iss (April 14, 2016)

Check back for more on Ready Jet Go and more sneak peeks of upcoming episodes.

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