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Meet Torch – New Trap Team Core Skylander

Meet Torch, a new Trap Team core Skylander revealed in the June copy of Game Informer. We found the image online in advance of the magazine hitting shelves.

As you can see Torch is a fire Skylander with a bellows powered flame thrower and straight out of the I-Wei Huang school of design. The steam punk aesthetic calls to mind Huang’s work with steam powered robots and his love all all things retro.

In terms of attacks she can attack with her hair, smoldering horse shoe attack and light up the play field with fire. OF course she has a flame thrower.

It’s interesting to see Activision offering Skylanders exclusive reveals to get column inches in these publications and is perhaps a sign of the competition hotting up in this genre.

Case in point here is the announcement of Nintendo’s entry in the toy-video-game arms race with their NFP offering that will bring Skylanders style toys to Mario games. Of course this will not just be for one Nintendo game but will span across the whole Wii U and 3DS platform.

We also announce our winner of the Toy Fair Dune Bug as well as launch a new competition to win our second Dune Bug. Just comment and share the video with all the Skylanders you see in it. Once we have all the names confirmed we will pick a winner.


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