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PJ Masks Nighttime Adventures NEW Spiral Die-Cast Toys

This is our first PJ Masks episodes about PJ Masks Nighttime Adventures toys. We check out all the new Night Time Adventure toys so you can pick which to get. The Nightime Adventure PJ Masks toys are a lot of fun so here’s everything you need to know.

We check out the new PJ Masks Nighttime Adventure toys. This includes the:
– PJ Masks Spiral Die-Cast Playset
– PJ Masks Die-Cast Romeo Lab
– PJ Masks Die-Cast Owl Glider
– PJ Masks Die-Cast Cat Car
– PJ Masks Die-Cast Gekko Mobile
– PJ Masks Die-Cast Night Ninja Bus
– PJ Masks Basic Vehicle Hero vs. Villian 2 Pack

All these toys will be available from Toys R Us.

We discover a magic apple tree in the garden where the toys start growing. But Romeo realises In Real Life (IRL) and starts to steal the toys too.

We drop some apples on him and get them back before heading inside to see how the PJ Masks die-cast toys are to play with.

Toys provided by Just Play.

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