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5 Best Things: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker launches in the UK on January 2nd 2015, but we’ve had early hands-on with the game and there are five great aspects of the game we wanted to call out that we know you’re going to love:

1. Replayability – Although the basic goal of each stage is to find the power star in each level, there are additional challenges within each level that broadens the scope of the game’s difficulty to appeal to a wide range of ages within a family. For younger family members, the puzzles in this game provide a great learning opportunity and encourage replay to improve your skill level.

2. Unique Worlds – Each stage appears as it’s own unique micro-universe, with no two stages looking alike. Many will be familiar with those who have played Super Mario 3D World, but for those who haven’t you can expect haunted mansions, libraries, deserts, trains, palaces, temples and more. With such a wide variety, it makes the reveal of each new stage an event in itself.

3. Special Powers – Dotted around certain specific stages in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker are a few power-ups that the player can collect to help him access areas that would otherwise be off-limits. Those familiar with Super Mario 3D World will be pleased to see the cloning cherries make a welcome return, but perhaps our favourite power-up is the hyper pick-axe, which allows for a short burst of super fast block smashing power that won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

4. Heroes and Heroines- There has been a lot of discussion of late around equality in games, so it’s interesting to see Nintendo seemingly make a point of flipping the stereotypical boy saves girl scenario we often see in games to also allow the girl, in this case Toadette, to save Captain Toad. Toadette plays identically to Captain Toad, but it sends a positive message to children to have her being the hero too.

5. Special stages – The bulk of the game’s stages take the form of maze-like puzzles, but there are a few special stages to add some welcome variety to proceedings. Occasional boss fights provide an extra challenge, while the bonus coin grab levels are short but sweet. However, our favourite of all the special stages are the minecart levels, which put players in a rollercoaster-like minecart armed with turnips, which you can throw at gems, block and enemies in first or third person mode.

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