Skylanders SuperChargers – Deep Dive Gill Grunt & Shark Shooter Terrafin

Skylanders SuperChargers – Deep Dive Gill Grunt & Shark Shooter Terrafin

We look at game-play and toys from the new E3 Skylanders SuperChargers. Deep Dive Gill Grunt & Shark Shooter Terrafin with his vehicle Reef Ripper.

Vicarious Visions use a number of advanced graphical and procedural effects in the game that give a greater sense of immersion. Whether that’s the water buffeting your vehicle or the clouds surrounding hidden areas and treasure, there is a real sense of play and wonder to the whole adventure.

Perhaps the only down-side to my eye is that the SuperCharger toys don’t physically fit in the vehicles. This means that while the two combine seamlessly on the screen, on the carpet they remain separate. Technology like 2014’s mix and match Swap Force characters that used magnets to combine would have been good here. However, if this is the compromise to keep the price down (and avoid needing to buy a new Portal this year) as a parent I’m quite happy with that.

Skylanders SuperChargers had a lot to prove at E3 this year, early impressions are that it has more than enough novelty and value to go toe to toe with Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions.

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