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PJ Masks NEW Ride-Ons Make Catboy Cross

We had a load of Ride-On toys from Jakks to test out. Night Ninja gets in on the action though, and turns Catboy tiny.

In the latest of our PJ Masks episodes we find out what the new Ride-On toys are like. It’s our brand new PJ Masks Short adventure with a In Real Life Catboy, Owlette and Night Ninja.

In this PJ Masks Episode we check out the following PJ Masks toys:
– PJ Masks Push n’ Scoot
– PJ Masks Ride-On
– PJ Masks Happy Hauler
– PJ Masks Bowling Bowlercade
– PJ Masks Metal Catboy
– PJ Masks Sparkle Night Ninja

The Ride-On and Bowling toys were provided by Jakks and will be available in stores shortly.

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