New Minecraft PE Multiplayer Modes “Space Race” and “Block Hunt” [InPVP Nova]

New Minecraft PE Multiplayer Modes “Space Race” and “Block Hunt” [InPVP Nova]

We talk to Niraj Morar, the creator of the InPvP multiplayer server game modes for Minecraft pocket edition. These enable players to enjoy modded Minecraft multiplayer experiences using just the standard vanilla Minecraft Pocket.

As part of the interview he unveils two new Minecraft Multiplayer game modes:
– Space Race – A mini-game staged challenge to head for the stars in a beautiful newly created world. Footage shows different mini-arenas for what looks like a variety of team battles. Two teams go head to head against each other.
– Block Hunt – Disguise yourself as any Minecraft Block then hide in the world so that you don’t get found by the searchers.
– Build Battles – Build different constructions based on the theme, topic or object. Then vote on who’s build is the best.

We also talk about the different in-app purchases and what child protection steps InPvP implements for its players.

InPvP Nova’s main competition comes from Hypixel and Lifeboat. These are minigame networks but without as much of a theme.

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