New Angry Birds Game (Agri Birds) combines Five Nights at Freddy’s and Shotgun Whack a Mole

The future of Angry Birds or an alternative April fool future. Whether or not it’s real.

“Big news today bird-flingers! We’re happy to announce a new addition to the Angry Birds catalog. An all-new agricultural escapade featuring a familiar flock of feathered friends, and some not-so-familiar ones too (like sultry nightclub singer Sasha Lynx)!”

A quick look at today’s date will of course flag up a few suspicions over the truthfulness of the announcement, but beyond the fooling around it’s interesting to spot the various games and genres parodied here.

While Rovio have got titles in most of the major video-game sectors, here we have a bucket list of those not yet touched by the bird and pig opponents. “It’s easy and fun to play, challenging to master, and it’s destined to be the farming sim/visual novel/resource management/FPS/RTS/point-and-click survival horror experience of the summer.”

Maybe it’s unlikely to really fool anyone, or maybe it’s a double bluff and the game really will be heading to app stores in the summer. If it did I think I’d have to give it a go and I must admit to thinking Angry Birds Transformers was an April Fool at first.

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