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“New 3DS” Battery Test & Comparison – 3DS XL, 2DS, Original 3DS

Here’s our close up first impressions of the New 3DS from Nintendo. We kick off with a head to head battery test, New 3DS vs. 3DS vs. 3DS XL vs. 2DS. Here’s the results:

– Original 3DS: 2 hours 46 minutes
– 3DS XL: 3 hours 30 minutes
– New 3DS: 3 hours 32 minutes
– 2DS: 4 hours 3 minutes

We look at the new form factor of the device, how the buttons and analog nub work. We compare the new Super Stable 3D technology to how Kinect works on the 360 and Xbox One.

Our first impressions results are that the New 3DS and New 3DS XL takes what was already an adequate product and makes it really shine. The physical attention to detail along with the upgraded features under the hood make this a very impressive package.

While a truly high end mobile gaming experience was the reserve of the PlayStation Vita, the New 3DS joins Sony’s handheld at the luxury end of the consumer electronics spectrum.

Combine this with the potential for new games to take advantage of greater power and more ways to interact, not to mention the ongoing backwards compatibility with existing 3DS and DS games and you have a mouth watering proposition.

We’ll be back with a full review in early February.

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