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Monster High – 2015 Boo York & Freak du Chic

Freak du Chic scarnaval line-up:
Ghouls get a new look inspired by the dark circus looks.
Frankie Stein becomes an illusionist
Jinafire Long a fire breather
Toralei is a tighrope walker
Honey Swamp becomes a human puppet.

There will also be a playset for this line, including an exclusive Rochelle Goyle doll. There’s also a new character called Gooliope Jellington who is a giant blob girl.

Boo York Boo York
We also get a close look at the Boo York Boo York dolls from teh upcoming movie musical for Monster High:
– Clawdeen Wolf doll.
– Cleo de Nile doll.
– Deuce Gorgon doll.
– Draculaura doll.
– Catty Noir doll.
– Operetta doll.
– Nefera de Nile doll.
– Elle Eedee doll.
– Luna Mothews doll.
– Astranova levitating doll
– Mouscedes King doll.

Finally we take a tour of the huge Monster High high school that can display 30 dolls with Gothic style and wrought iron.

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