Let’s Play Beast Quest – Part 6 – Sepron Defeated

Let’s Play Beast Quest – Part 6 – Sepron Defeated

After our first encounter with Sepron ended in us scurrying away with our tails between our legs, we return to the scene of the battle, resolved to teach the deadly sea serpent a lesson. Elenna is once again our guide as we pit ourselves against the native creatures as we explore the coastline and gather experience towards a final encounter later in the game.

The fights in the Sepron Quest are immediately trickier than those in Nanook’s Quest, but with enough practice and some decent reflexes, you can soon pick up the patterns in each enemies attacks. Here we’re up against Piranha Pirates as we attempt to secure a boat that will grant passage onto the open seas. It’s not all about the combat though as you’re encouraged to explore the environment and even do a bit of fishing too.

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