Guest Build: Oh Wow Geek on LEGO Curiosity Mars Rover (21104)

Here we go! Let’s build the LEGO Cuusoo NASA Mars Curiosity Rover, and I’ll share some “fun” facts about the real-life rover along the way!

This is LEGO set #21104, and #005 in the LEGO Cuusoo series. It has 295 pieces, and is low-to-medium-ish difficulty. Okay, I only messed up because I wasn’t paying attention. 😉

The model features an awesome six-wheel suspension, plus an articulated robotic arm and semi-realistic instrument placement.

When it’s complete, the model is around 10cm high,15cm long (the extended arm adds another 7cm!) and 12cm wide.

…and WOW, it was a ton of fun to build! My favourite bit was the suspension, because the engineer inside me was intrigued at how it was going to fit together and how well it would work. The answer is: GREAT! I wouldn’t recommend the completed model to be a toy for any kids out there; this thing is definitely to be looked at and not handled by care-free hands. If you’re mature enough to love NASA and be fascinated by the Mars Rover programme, then you’re mature enough for this kit. :)

I recommend this set to ANYONE who’s a fan of NASA and the Mars Rover programme! The kit is currently £24.99 (US $29.99) from and your local LEGO store.

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