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Let’s Play Trap Team Hub World, Villain Vault, Persephone & Skystones Smash

Skylanders Academy is Trap Teams hub world. We go in deep to hear all about it. It’s a hub that develops as you play the game with new locations and characters.

Torch is a core Fire element Skylander and she takes us on a tour.

Villain Vault is where you manage and equip the villains you have trapped. Even if you don’t have the trap of the right elements when defeated they are sent here. You can then use the vault to load one of them into a Trap item.

Persephone returns in Trap Team and is again in charge of upgrading the Skylander characters. She has a tree house in the hub world that starts of small but soon grows in size and number of rooms.

Trap Masters not only offer new traptanium weapons for attacking but these can be used to break apart traptanium items in the game to access more villains and hidden items. It doesn’t sound like you have to have a particular element to break apart the traptanium which is good as you won’t have to have a full set to see the game.

There are no special Giants or Swap Zones but there are Elemental zones. Lou wouldn’t be drawn on whether there would be light-core Skylanders.

The academy is a building in the hub world. Oric’s shop is in there and we also walk past Cali. Most exciting here is the game room that offers a brand new version of Skystones where Dreadbeard challenges us to a game.

Skystones Smash is a new revision of the game. You have three Skystones to play stones to inflict damage on your opponent. Like the original game this is a game of tactics and matching.

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