Disney Movies Recreated With Toys by Photographer Brian McCarty

Disney Movies Recreated With Toys by Photographer Brian McCarty

Disney commissioned famed toy photographer Brain McCarty to recreate three scenes from Disney films with the new Disney Princess dolls.

Merida photo recreation from Brave
For the photo, Angus was custom modeled by an original Brave crewmember with 3D sculpting and printing technology and flocked by hand to closely resemble real horse hair. The scenery was created and placed by hand to lend depth to the forest, and incorporates a mix of natural elements like sticks, Manzanita branches, moss, lichen and stone, along with prop magic.

Tiana photo recreation from The Frog and the Princess
To give proper scale to this shot for the photo series, the balcony and building frame were recreated to stand at about six feet tall and five feet wide, incorporating detailing from the film and New Orleans style elements. The handcrafted set includes laser cut wood railings on the balcony detailed to look like iron, floating doors and extensive wood detailing.

Rapunzel photo recreated from Tangled
This doll-sized set took more than eight hours to stage for the shot, incorporating 250 lights, 40 hand-crafted lanterns stenciled with sumi ink on rice paper and hand-wired with incandescent pinball machine bulbs, and a wooden boat handcrafted in the style of the film. Rapunzel’s hair was styled as in the film, with floral embellishments cascading through her long locks.

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