Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel – Skills Tree and Toy Box Enhancements

We take a close look at the new features of Disney Infinity 2.0 to see how they work.

The big changes in Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel is in the Toy Box. Not only is the creation more streamlined with structured starting points and creation brushes but you can also introduce helper characters who then build the world for you. Ingenious!

Over in the Play Sets there is a big change in terms of upgrading. Whereas previously Disney left character customization choices to Skylanders they have now gone fully into role play land with complex branching skills trees.

Not only is this a nice edition but it will also open up all sorts of new types of game-play. This marries up with the Toy Box mini-games to offer some substantial differences this year in Infinity, even before you take the Marvel franchise into account.

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