Astronaut Chris Hadfield tests Starlink w/ Star Fox (Switch/Xbox/PS4)

Ubisoft supported our video to interview Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield. We set aside the PJ Masks for a while and spend some time with the new Starlink Battle for Atlas toys-to-life game.

We look at new Switch Star Fox multi-player footage from Starlink, along with appearances from Slippy, Falco and Peppy Hare. We also play the game on Xbox from the start.

Col. Chris Hadfield gave his assessment of the game and analysed each of the ships: Nadir, Neptune, Lance, Zenith.

“As astronauts we live in video-games because simulators allow us to get ready for being on a space ship.”

“A game like Starlink becomes compelling so you can actually imagine yourself doing these things… The whole purpose of these toys, really, is to open the imagination.”

“If it’s just a toy on a shelf that’s one thing but if you can reconfigure it to your own liking, suddenly you’re not just an observer. You’re part of what’s happening.”

“Interacting with a game is like someone kicking a door open that you never thought you could walk through. To allow a young person to imagine a world that doesn’t exist yet and see themselves as part of that change. That, to me, is important.”

The Starlink game will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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