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Lego Minifigures Series 13 – Full Case Opening (60 minifigs)

After completing our set of Series 12 Lego Minifigures, we got so addicted to opening each bag, we had to get some more. This time we’re going to tear into a box of Series 13 Minifigures and see if we can match our complete set from Series 12. The kids couldn’t be more excited, but which figures would we end up with the most of, which would be hard to find and who would be the first to find the Hot Dog Man!

The latest Series of Minifigures, Series 13, introduces us to another varied selection of characters, containing everything from a Unicorn to a Paleontologist. However, with Minifigures sold in blind bags, it can often be a challenge to collect the full set or just get that one specific figure that’s your favourite. Thankfully, Lego provided us with a full box to open, to show you the full collection in more detail. With individual packets in a box and 16 characters to collect, odds are good that we’ll complete our collection, but just how many packets will we need to open to do so?

Will we manage to get one of each of these?
Galaxy Trooper
Alien Trooper
Evil Wizard
Classic King
Snake Charmer
Lady Cyclops
Hot Dog Man
Disco Diva
Unicorn Girl
Egyptian Warrior

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