Skylanders Superchargers iOS Starter Pack

Skylanders Superchargers iOS Starter Pack

We test out the latest version of Skylanders on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can use last year’s portal or buy a new Starter Pack to jump in for the first time.

Skylanders Superchargers has launched on iOS, with a downloadable app available in the Appstore now and a supporting Starter Pack available for those who are keen to play the game complete with it’s physical toys and portal. This is the second Skylanders game to get mobile support and once again, it’s the full console experience (depending on your device). Owners of the Starter Pack will also get a wireless controller to make the game feel just like a regular console release.

For those of you dipping into the game ahead of or instead of purchasing the starter pack, the whole game can be unlocked with an in-app purchase and digital versions of specific characters are also available to buy. However, you will be limited to touch screen controls unless you also own the tablet edition of Skylanders Trap Team, the characters, portal and controller from which can be used for Superchargers.

This year’s game also include online play, with online competitive racing and online co-op for the main story mode. Both modes are also supported cross device, for those of you that own multiple iOS devices or an Apple TV and iOS device. There’s no Android support this year, which is unfortunate, but if you’re an Apple device owner, you won’t be disappointed with a game that’s great value for families, providing ongoing support for all of the previous games’ physical toys.
New this year is Online Multiplayer and Co-Op for the game. You can’t play local co-op this year though.

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