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Skylanders SuperChargers Game-Play & Toy Reveal

We talk to Guha Bala about the new Skylanders SuperChargers game at the UK announce event in London.

Skylanders SuperChargers is announced today and brings with it vehicle toys for special Skylanders to pilot and modify. It’s a bold move that not only adds more toy value but changes how the game plays on the screen.

There will be 20 vehicles to collect each one with a special SuperCharger Skylander that can unlock additional features and customisations. For example, placing Hot Streak on the Portal will bring in a fully customisable hot rod into the game. Add in its related owner, Spitfire, and you unlock some extra buffs. Progressing through the game opens up an ever wider array of mods to apply, mixing and matching wheels, engines and body work.

The Starter Pack includes the Hot Streak vehicle, Sure Shot Stealth Elf and SuperCharger Spitfire along with the new rubberised portal. A nice touch with the portal is that it includes a slot for the Traps, but in SuperChargers they are not used to capture villains but to bring additional power-ups to the vehicles.

On first impressions, Skylanders SuperChargers looks impressive. The vehicles add more than just a passing novelty and create an experience that feels like Skylanders mixed with Mario Kart, Star Fox and Wave Race.

Other Skylanders SuperChargers videos:

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