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Skylanders Creator App FULL DETAILS – 3D Printed Skylanders, NFC Cards & T-Shirts

Paul Reiche talks about the new Skylanders Creator app and the ability to transfer Skylanders from the console game to the app.

Once in the app you can customise them as you would in the game and then order a 3D Printed Skylander, T-Shirt or Skylanders Card. You can’t transfer them back to the console electronically though.

In North America, 3D-printed Imaginator Figures will be available for the suggested price of $49.99 each; includes free shipping. Limited quantities will be available. Imaginator T-Shirts will be sold for $24.99 each with availability and shipping costs varying. Lastly, fans can get their hands on Imaginator Cards for $14.99; including free shipping. These items will be available using the Skylanders Creator app, which is a free mobile download, subject to availability by territory.

The app can create:

– 3D Printed Figurine: The custom-printed Imaginator arrives in full colour, posed on a base and enclosed in a clear protective dome. Activision are partnering with 3D printers Shapeways to deliver these figures and states that quantities will be limited. Place the figurine on the Portal peripheral to access them back in the console game.
– Character Card: These custom trading cards come with a letter from in-game narrator Eon and include an image of the character along with its class and element. Place the card on the Portal peripheral to access them back in the console game.
– Imaginator T-Shirt: Premium customised t-shirt with an image of the character, its Battle Class, element and name.

We also get great pics of:
– Bad Juju
– Blaster-Tron
– Chain Reaction
– Buckshot

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