Knack 3-1 Brother’s First Go On PS4 – Unedited Family Let’s Play #1

We visited the Hunts again and tried out the PlayStation 4 game Knack with them. They quickly took to it and found the difficulty was not as hard as we had been lead to believe. Although the game is a PEGI 12 rating, with the parents present the boys got on OK with the shooting and fighting.

We interviewed their parents, Ben and Claire, a little later and talked through some of the PlayStation 4 features like Remote Play with the Vita.

Catch the full set of unedited Knack Family Let’s Play here:

They also tried their hand at Lego Marvel, and compared the Vita-PS4 experience to their time with the PS3 game that they finished over Christmas:

You can also see another pair of brothers try out playing Knack together in our previous videos here:

Finally here’s our earlier review of the Knack:

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