Skyalnders Trap Team “Cuckoo Clocker” Villain Revealed at Lollibop - YouTube thumbnail

Families Wowed by Skyalnders Trap Team at Lollibop

Wesley and Joe went to Lollibop Festival in London to try our Trap Team first hand. We got a fresh child’s response about the game from Joe and more information about some new characters.

One character who had been seen in part at Gamescom was here played in full view. Cuckoo Clocker is another great design combining a Sqwark and Thump attack.

He reminded us of Thumpback and Free Ranger, but who did he remind you of? Also let us know if you have seen Skylanders Trap Team first hand over the summer, we want to know what you made of it.

We also look at some of the Sidekicks in the new game, in Minis form along with Swarm and some Swap Force characters.