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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. Review & Gameplay

Mario & Luigi Dream Bros Battle tips:
Mario & Luigi Dream Bros Item/Shop tips:

We get the Webber family to put Mario and Luigi Dream Team through its paces. This is a Role Play Game from the same developers who created the previous Mario & Luigi games on DS and GBA.
Although it may seem cartoony, don’t be fooled as there is a true RPG experience underneath the family friend visuals.
We discuss the game structure and what it offers for core gamers and families as well as looking at the following:
– Mushrooms heal Mario or Luigi
– Nuts heal both Mario and Luigi
– Syrup Jars restore BP
– Candies restore HP
– Beans level up stats
– Shop (Gold and Silver sides sell different items) including, Elite Boots, Singular Boots, Singular Hammer, HP Gloves, Speed Scarf, BP Bangle,Background Enemy,Taunt Ball,Shock Bomb.
– Badge combinations also add another layer of complexity as you can combine different stat boosts to help you deal with different types of enemies.
– Different play styles for different enemies. Rhythm and Colour matching. By pressing the A button when you attack you can increase damage.
– When not in a battle you can do a Drill Attack, Float, Bounce attack. In the dream world you have Luiginary works Ground Pound, Float, Whirlwind,Ball,Sling Shot.
– The game provides a super easy assist mode when you die which enables you to play it at a younger age.
– At the same time this is a great title for core gamers because of its role play aspects.

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