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NEW Angry Birds Go! Transformers – Official Reveal

Angry Birds Transformers confirmed, we suspect this is Angry Birds Go! Transformers. Exclusive details and images here.

Back in January, shortly after the London Toy Fair 2014, we reported on the reveal of some Angry Birds Transformers product names slated for launch in September 2014. That information suggested an Angry Birds Go! Transformers cross-over was due which would make use of the Telepods technology found in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and Angry Birds Go!

Since then information has been thin on the ground, until today that is. Yes, we finally have confirmation of an Angry Birds Transformers cross-over. Rovio and Hasbro are working together to produce an Angry Birds mobile game (Angry Birds Go! Transformers), licensed products and a line of Telepods Toys.

In the upcoming game you’ll get to play as the Autobirds and Deceptihogs and the promotional poster that comes with this announcement shows a number of characters familar to both Angry Birds fans and Transformers fans:

Optimus (Red)
Bumblebee (Chuck)
Heatwave (Terence)
Unknown/Springer? (Hal)
Matrix (Egg)

Unknown/Megatron? (Mustache Pig)
Unknown/Spike? (Pig)


London Toy Fair 2014 toys list:
Source: Idle Hands Blog (since removed)

Racers — September
Battle Packs — September
Energon Multi-Pack — September
Bumblebee Blast — September
Telepods Optimus Raceway — September

Hasbro website leaked toys list (from Nov 2013):
Source: The Allspark Forums

(reported before Angry Birds Go! was released)
Tra Ab Racer Helmet Pig Adrian A8457
Tra Ab Racer Mustache Pig Max A8456
Tra Ab Racer Red Bird Optimus A8447
Tra Ab Racer Soundwave Chef Pig A8459
Tra Ab Racer Terence Heatwave A8453
Tra Ab Racer Yellow Bird Bumblebee A8448
Tra Ab Racers Ast A8387
Tra Ab Unicron Race Set A8386
Angry Birds Go Tf Aerial Assault A7639
Angry Birds Go Tf Jenga Bumblebee Game A7639
Angry Birds Go Tf Jenga Game Packs A9262
Angry Birds Go Tf Jenga Optimus Game A9261
Angry Birds Go Tf Jenga Vehicles Ast A7873
Angry Birds Go Tf Vehicle Galvatron A9267
Angry Birds Go Tf Vehicle Heatwave A9264
Angry Birds Go Tf Vehicle Lockdown A9265
Angry Birds Go Tf Vehicle Soundwave A9266
Angry Birds Go Transformers Rowdy Racers A7873

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