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LEGO Dimensions – Wave 1 Unboxing (71201-71223)

We take a look at all the LEGO expansions for Wave 1 of Lego Dimensions. Along the way I also get Ollie to say which of the kits he wants to get into first. We build and un-box the lot. Working through each in turn you can see all those mini-figures up close.

71201 Back To The Future
71205 Owen & ACU [Jurassic World]
71209 Wonder Woman
71202 The Simpsons
71206 Scooby & Shaggy
71210 Cyborg
71203 Portal
71212 Emmet
71213 Bad Cop
71214 Benny
71215 Jay
71216 Nya
71217 Zane
71218 Gollum
71219 Legolas
71220 Gimli
71222 Laval
71223 Cragger
71232 Eris
71221 Wicked Witch

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