Dad and Son play Project Spark – Game Design Part1 - YouTube thumbnail

Dad and Son play Project Spark – Game Design Part1

Project Spark is Microsoft’s game maker software, available for free on Xbox One and PC. The software provides a large selection of building blocks from which you can craft a wide variety of game types. You can customise the look of the world and the characters and objects within it, even going so far as to create custom brains that can be applied to multiple characters, allowing you to quickly and easily bring your world to life. Although some understanding of general programming principles is helpful, the software is relatively straightforward for anyone to pick up and play with.

In this video, we’ll take our first look at the Project Spark and attempt to create a fetch quest, a basic component found in a many roleplaying and adventure games. We’ll need to create a world, select a player type and then setup and configure and NPC to give us a quest to find an object within the world and return it to them. Text based prompts will be used to provide instruction to the player and thank them on the quest completion.

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