Lego Dimensions “Doctor Who” Open World Guide #12 Part 2

Lego Dimensions “Doctor Who” Open World Guide #12 Part 2

On our second trip into the open world of Dr Who, we take a trip around the six different Dr Who worlds that we have now brought into one world by finding and activating the devices to teleport them together!

As we look around Skaro the Darlek home world we find Missy needs some help with a rusty Darlek! And we hunt for a way into the large Darlek statue! As we move into Trensalore the grave yard of the Tardis we discover an old friend of the Dr who needs a little help! And who could turn down Captain Jack?

Next is Talos the home world of the Cybermen and after doing some building we see what mission Madame … Has for us but not before we find a puzzle that only Chell from Portal 2 can help with! Next up is Mars where we discover how the new ability of ‘Hire a Hero’ works before finding Missy who needs some more help with some fires! Who could help with that? And finally into the 19th Century London at Christmas time where the Zygons are attacking! And we discover more build its and race icons!

You really need to build items in this open world to open up new challenges so don’t be afraid to spend those Lego studs!

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