Trap Team Chapter 9: Mystic Mill – Shield Shredder, Krankenstein (EGX Plays #3)

Chapter 9 – Mystic Mill. “Doom raider soldiers have invaded a very special saw mill. Stop them!”

These videos are our record of how things developed over the course of the four days that EGX was on. If you saw us filming, or maybe beat some levels for us or trapped some villains, do let us know if the comments.

Back with the next part of our EGX Plays Trap Team experiment. We spent our time at the event visiting the Skylanders booth and checking in on how much progress we had all made. By using a shared save file, families and kids who played the game, trapped villains and beat levels all contributed to our progress.

We have a look at Mystic Mill level from EGX to work our way through trapping some new villains and giving the enemies a run for their money.

We finally trap Shield Shredder, Hood Sickle and Pain-Yatta and encounter a whole load of new enemies and take on some lock puzzles. We also find Bat Spin’s Soul Gem.

EGX Plays Part 1 –
EGX Plays Part 2 –

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