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HUGE Let’s Play Trap Team: Sewers of Supreme Stink – Jawbreaker, Broccoli Guy, Painyatta & Wolfgang

Huge Skylanders Trap Team payload as we play new level Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink with all the new E3 characters.

More about how the villains and Skylanders work together revealed here. Each villain is super powerful so has a time limit on how long they can be used before needing to recharge.

You can upgrade the villains by finding a specific hidden quest in the game that when completed you get a new upgrade attack. This should add some good longevity to the game.

In multi-player only one player can switch into the villain in a turn taking mode.

Lock Master challenges and Skystones (check out our next video for Skystones Smash) are both back. The Lock Puzzles now work in two-player and single player mode. The goblins now fly around rather than just fall when tilted.

Food Fight from the launch event is an artichoke with a tomato gun.

Jawbreaker is a new tech Trap Master with a unique traptanium hammer fists. He can punch and stomp attack. He can also power up his gears to double speed in turbo mode. This then gives him a whole set of super moves.

Buzzer Beak is a new Air villain we revealed yesterday. He has a propeller hat to fly and attack and performs a swoop smash attack.

Broccoli Guy is a new Life villain with a vegetable theme. He can place a healing glyph on the ground to heal other Skylanders, ideal in multi-player co-op.

Painyatta is a new Magic element villain, and looks really good. So good in fact that we really want a figure sculpt of him. He has various candy attacks. He has a lollipop sucker attack and a candy barf fart attack. He can also barf small Pinyata that then explode.

Wolfgang is an Undead werwolf villain that has various music related attacks. He has a harp guitar note attack and a knee stage slide attack to make quick work of enemies.

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