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Meet The E3 Trap Masters: Krypt King, Jawbreaker, Gear Shift, Snap Shot, Wildfire, Wollop

We look at each and every Skylander character at E3 2014.

Krypt King is an Undead Element Trap Master. “I’ve got the edge.” He has a huge sword attack that can sweep in different directions. The sword can also leave his hands to attack enemies at range.

Jawbreaker is a Tech Element Trap Master. “Down for the count.” He attacks with his huge traptanium fists. As well as a variety of punches and ground slams. He can also double his movement and attack with a power up energy boost.

Snap Shot is a Water Trap Master. “Croc and roll.” He has his ranged bow and arrow attacks in different multiples. The bow also has a charge up sword attack that inflicts big damage.

Wildfire is a Fire Trap Master. “Bringing the heat.” He has shield combos and push and spin attacks. He also has a fire breath attach and a claw grab that pulls enemies in for a final blow.

Wollop is a Earth Trap Master. “” He has his hammer downward pound damage. Mash the button fast enough and you get a frenzied blitz attack. The hammers can also be thrown at enemies or used to attack from above as grenades.

Gear Shift is a female Tech Trap Master. She has a big gear that can be used in different attacks. These shift attacks enable her to quickly move between close and ranged combat.

Torch is a Fire Element Core Skylander. She is a blacksmith who uses her bellows as a flame thrower. She also has a fire-hair whip attack and horseshoe ranged assault.

Chopper is a Tech Element Core Skylander. He can run fast and fly to avoid obstacles. In the air he can attack with rockets. He also has a helicopter blade attack and a roar attack to deafen enemies.

Food Fight is a Life Element Core Skylanders. He has a cannon to launch tomatoes and zucchini launcher as well. Then he can lay explosive artichokes.

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