Fabulous Beasts iOS Starter Pack Preview

Fabulous Beasts iOS Starter Pack Preview

We talk to Alex Fleetwood from Sensible Object to tell us about Fabulous Beasts. This is a new toys-to-life style game.
I asked Alex Fleetwood from Sensible Object about retail plans for the game. Would they be milking their players as the “big boys” do with waves of expansions? “We’ve worked hard making this a fun game out of the box. No content will be locked away from players who have the Core Edition.”

Such an independent game with a wholesome aesthetic seems seems likely to become a target for brand partnership. I asked Fleetwood if they would consider this kind of more commercial approach? “Never say never. But we’ve tried to make a positive experience for children and families. We want to be communicating a positive message of games as a force for good in the world. There are all sorts of other games and brands out there that don’t have a toys-to-life component right now that would be fun to partner with. If we get to that we’ll be keeping the same spirit and values of the studio through any partnerships.”

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