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Every Magic Trap Team Skylander – Full Character Analysis

As the release of Skylanders Trap Team comes ever closer, we take a look at the recently released gameplay videos for each character. With so many to choose from, this will be the first in a series of eight videos, each one focusing on a specific element. Leave a comment below to let us know which element you’d like us to cover next.

Top of the pile is the Magic Element, where we get our first look at gameplay for Blastermind, Enigma, Deja Vu and Cobra Cadabra. There’s also the return of Pop Fizz in his Fizzy Frenzy repose and while there’s no Spyro this time out, we do get to see the Mini version, Spry, accompanied by the Mini version of Ninjini, Mini Jini.

It’s great to finally get a look at some of the powers these characters wield, especially the Trap Masters. Hopefully it’ll give you some idea of which figures you’d like to pick up at release and in the forthcoming waves throughout the year. Remember, this time out, you’re going to need one Trap Master from each element to access all Skylander specific areas of the game.

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