14 New Skylanders Figures Leaked! Boom Jet (Swap Force), Zoo Lou, Scorp, Slobber Tooth, Smolderdash

As we researched the recent pre-orders for Skylanders Swap Force, the following new characters were included in some listings. Also, these have appeared since filming in unofficial images from Comic Con
– Core Skylanders: Zoo Lou, Scorp, Slobber Tooth, Bumble Blast, Mulcan Forge, Smolderdash
– Swap Force: Boom Jet, Nitro Magna Charge
– Series 3: Pop Fizz, Warnado, Trigger Happy (Chill, Sproket, Spyro, GIll Grunt, Terrafin)
– Lightcore: Flashwing, Warnado, Smolderdash

The retail listings also include detail about Battle Packs, Adventure Packs, Double Packs for Swap Force figures, Triple Packs for Core and Lightcores as well as Series 3 Skylanders.

This also substantiates the list of figures expected for Wave 1 of the game. Although the list is now growing quite long and I suspect that some of these have been labelled Wave 1 erroneously.

Source: www.kalahari.com/ www.theirategamer.com/

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