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Skylanders Swap Force Pre-Order Analysis of Swap Zones & Elemental Gates

We take a close look at the likely contenders for Skylander Swap Force Wave 1 release.
– Wash Buckler (Climb zones – Water element) available in Starter Pack
– Blast Zone (Rocket zones – Fire element) available in Starter Pack
– Hoot Loop (Teleport zones – Magic element)
– Magna Charge (Fly zones – Tech element)
– Rattle Shake (Bounce zones – Undead element)
– Free Ranger (Spin zones – Air element)

This leaves the following are likely to be include in Waves 2 and Waves 3.

– Night Shift (Teleport zones – Undead element)
– Stink Bomb (Sneak zones – Life element)
– Freeze Blade (Fly zones – Water element)
– Grilla Drilla (Dig zones – Life element)
– Spy Rise (Climb zones – Tech element)
– Fire Cracken (Bounce zones – Fire element)

This leaves us with four remaining Swap Force figures to be revealed in Wave 4 and Wave 5. These will be a combination of the following elements and Swap Force abilities to complete the set where there are two of each in total:
– 2 Earth element remains
– 1 Magic element remains
– 1 Air element remains

– 1 Rocket zone remains
– 1 Sneak zone remains
– 1 Spin zone remains
– 1 Dig zone remains

From the current figures it seems unlikely that the same Swap Force ability and Element will be repeated.This results in the following likely combinations:

Dig zone – Earth element
Sneak zone – Earth element
Spin zone – Magic element
Rocket zone – Air element

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