Disney Infinity 3.0 – Part 3 – Space Dog Fights in Twilight of the Republic

Away from on-foot combat are the new Disney Infinity space sections. A variety of missions take players to pilot different Star Wars space craft and take on the enemy. This not only breaks up the game-play nicely but also introduces a new sense of collaboration. Hearing my two boys first taking to space, and communicating with each other to co-ordinate attacks was a real high point of the experience (as you can see below).

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Part 2 Twilight of the Republic Playset Begins

Ahead of our official review of Disney Infinity 3.0 we’ve been testing the game out in the family.

The boys start the Twilight of the Republic playset and set out on a new adventure. This starts with some familiar territory from the demos but soon diverges to some great space battles and light saber duels with the likes of General Grievous.

Along the way they play as Anakin, Yoda, Obi-Wan.

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Part 1 Unboxing

In preparation for our full review, we take a look at the full roster of characters in Disney Infinity 3.0 as the kids get their heads around what the new game has to offer.

One surprise is Black Suit Spider-Man listed in the game but previously unannounced.

Along with unboxing the Disc Only version, Inside Out and Twilight of the Republic playsets we also have a try with the opening cinematic and work through the Toy Box Collection menus.

Disney Infinity The Force Awakens Game-Play, “Light FX”, Good Dinosaur, Zootopia

We have a look at the Light FX figures, Fin and Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Light FX figures will include Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set, as well as Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars Twilight of the Republic Play Set and Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels.
Also unveiled recently was a PlayStation 4 Disney Infinity bundle, with a Star Wars branded Dual Shock 4.

Finally we had a look at some more tracks for the Toy Box Speedway game from Sumo Digital, for Marvel with Hulkbuster and Ultron. No Ant Man or Age of Ultron playset but we did get Marvel Battlegrounds four player playset.

Disney Infinity News! The Force Awakens Finn & Rey, Marvel Battlegrounds, Good Dinosaur, Zootopia

Disney Infinity gets Star Wars Force Awakens playset, four player Marvel Battlegrounds playset, Kingdom Hearts cross over weapons and light-up lightsabers.

Firstly there was an emphasis of new and upcoming Playsets that would further flesh out the experience. Of these the Marvel playset was the most unexpected in terms of its content. Rather than focusing on Ant Man or Age of Ultron, Marvel: Battlegrounds instead offers 4 player co-operative play.

You can use all the the existing Marvel characters in it, along with Hulkbuster and Ultron that are releasing in November 2015. The Marvel: Battlegrounds playset will be released this spring.

The playset for Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens was also talked about directly for the first time. Right at the end of the conference two characters were revealed. Finn and Rey.

Other figures, this time without associated playsets were also unveiled. Spot from Good Dinosaur was shown along with a set of 4 power discs. This was expanded upon from the stage, “Inside of the film there are impressive dinosaurs, so we’ll bring 4 Good Dinosaur power discs as mounts for the game.”

Judy and Nick from Zootopia, the upcoming 2016 movie were also revealed to be included in teh game. Finally, the results of the Toy Box Artists selection was announced to be Peter Pan, although he will not be available until 2016.

Finally, an ultimate unlock item was unveiled for Disney Infinity 3.0. This is awarded for owning and maxing out all the characters in the game. In Disney Infinity 1.0 this was a lightsaber, in Disney Infinity 2.0 it was a Land Speeder.

In Disney Infinity 3.0 this will be the Keyblade weapon from Kingdom Hearts. Alongside this there were also special costume change discs for this year’s Mickey character, exclusive to attendees at D23.

Speeder Bike Storm Trooper Raid – Disney Infinity Star Wars

The great thing about Gamescom is just how huge an expo it is and how many games you can try on the show floor ahead of release. One of our favourites has to be Disney Infinity 3.0, which is jam packed full of Star Wars content this year. At previous events we’d managed to go hands on with the Hoth areas of the Rise Against The Empire playset, but this time we took a trip to Endor, world of the Ewoks.

In this mission, we’re tasked with taking out various pieces of an Imperial blockade, using whatever tools we have at our disposal, including the famous Speeder Bike, which fans will remember from Return Of The Jedi. It’s not all vehicle based though, as we’ll need to go on foot to take out the occasional squad of stormtroopers who are intent on stopping us.

Dads Play Disney Infinity Star Wars – Ewok Storm Trooper Spying

Gamescom 2015 is packed to the rafters with fantastic games, but one of our favourities has to be Disney Infinity 3.0. Disney are really bringing their A game this year, with further Disney Originals and Star Wars. The latter really hoping to appeal to young and old alike with the inclusion of Clone Wars and Original Trilogy content.

We were fortunate to get some hands on time with the game, this time getting our first experience of Endor, the forest planet from Return Of The Jedi, home to the Ewoks. The evil empire are using it as a base of operations and it’s our job to take them down with the help of an Ewok Spy, disguised as a Stormtrooper!