PJ Masks Baby Hero – Lights & Sounds Toy Outfit Make

We create a PJ Masks Baby hero – Mini Owlette. With the help of Sewing Expert Emily Levey this shows you everything you need to do to create your own baby outfit from the official PJ Masks Plush Toy and a few other bits and bobs from the sewing room.

With Gekko and Cat Boy watching on we convert the lights and sounds of the Plush Owlette toy into something for our Baby Hero to wear.

We got our make done right in time for Halloween too!

Many thanks to:
– Emily Levey – https://www.instagram.com/emilylevey/
– PJ Masks for providing the toys – http://pjmasks.com/
– PJ Baby model – very patient and professional

Hatchimals – Day 1 – Hatch Day Egg Surprise!

We take our Hatchimals to The Thompson Family to see a hatching in full. #HatchDay

Hatchimals have three stages, Egg stage, Hatch stage and Toy stage. Each of the stages need you to play and look after the Hatchimals so it can hatch and develop.

As you can see in our full hatching of the toy you can get a Pengula or Draggle. Then once it’s hatch you have lots of different games to play with it.

For more information about Hatchimals: https://goo.gl/Uch87C

Video supported by Spin Master including access to the toys.

Cozmo – Day 1: Unboxing Anki’s New Robot

We unbox Anki Cozmo robot to see what’s in the $179.99 package. This is coming to the US shortly and will be the first time we’ve seen a full personality driven A.I. robot at a consumer price — to my knowledge.

More information here: http://go.anki.com/familygamertv-yt

We have a look at the Quick Tap and Explore games as well as how Cozmo uses face recognition to detect if you are watching.

We also introduce him to some familiar Skylanders, Lego Dimensions, Amiibo friends to see what he makes of his Toys to Life competition.

Skylanders Creator App FULL DETAILS – 3D Printed Skylanders, NFC Cards & T-Shirts

Paul Reiche talks about the new Skylanders Creator app and the ability to transfer Skylanders from the console game to the app.

Once in the app you can customise them as you would in the game and then order a 3D Printed Skylander, T-Shirt or Skylanders Card. You can’t transfer them back to the console electronically though.

In North America, 3D-printed Imaginator Figures will be available for the suggested price of $49.99 each; includes free shipping. Limited quantities will be available. Imaginator T-Shirts will be sold for $24.99 each with availability and shipping costs varying. Lastly, fans can get their hands on Imaginator Cards for $14.99; including free shipping. These items will be available using the Skylanders Creator app, which is a free mobile download, subject to availability by territory.

The app can create:

– 3D Printed Figurine: The custom-printed Imaginator arrives in full colour, posed on a base and enclosed in a clear protective dome. Activision are partnering with 3D printers Shapeways to deliver these figures and states that quantities will be limited. Place the figurine on the Portal peripheral to access them back in the console game.
– Character Card: These custom trading cards come with a letter from in-game narrator Eon and include an image of the character along with its class and element. Place the card on the Portal peripheral to access them back in the console game.
– Imaginator T-Shirt: Premium customised t-shirt with an image of the character, its Battle Class, element and name.

We also get great pics of:
– Bad Juju
– Blaster-Tron
– Chain Reaction
– Buckshot

Zoomer Chimp – Huge Laughs, Fun and Mischief

We have a new Zoomer friend in the family, Zoomer Chimp. Spending a few days to get to know him he’s unpredictable, entertaining and funny.

Zoomer Chimp has a range of features but our favourites are that he follows our movements and performs loads of tricks. His eyes change color to tell you his mood along with his different expressions.

For more information visit Zoomer World website: https://goo.gl/ThQFZ1

Video supported by Spin Master including access to the toy.

Let’s Play Air Hogs Connect – #1 Getting Started

We test out Spin Master’s Air Hogs Connect the real drone flown indoors, controlled with a smart device that becomes a part of an augmented reality video-game experience.

With gamified drones and augmented reality games being huge this year it’s a great high tech combination. The boys get hands on to try it out and work through the early stages of the game.

We learn how to fly, use the grapple, extinguish fires and even attack aliens. The action happens on the tablet screen and in the room with a real life drone and mat.

Spin Master’s new Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone is launching this fall. To find out more check out this website: http://www.airhogs.com/connectmissiondrone/

Editorially independent video supported by Spin Master including access to the Air Hogs Connect drone and app.

PJ Masks HQ Toy Rescue – NEW! Headquarters Playset

We check out the new PJ Masks Headquarters playset and toys. But just as we are about to open it Luna Girl steals it and locks it away with her magnet ray.

Catboy takes on Luna Girl to win back the PJ Masks HQ and save the day.

Can you spot these in the video?
– Catboy Hero Costume
– Owlette Hero Costume
– Gekko Her Costume
– Owlette Action Figure
– Night Ninja Action Figure
– Cat Boy Action Figure
– Gekko Action Figure
– Luna Girl Action Figure
– Collectible Figure Set
– Gekko Light up Figure
– Owlette Light up Figure
– Cat Boy Light up Figure
– Cat-Car
– Owl Glider
– Gekko Mobile
– Gekko Plushie
– Owlette Plushie
– Cat-Boy Plushie

PJ Masks Light-Up Figures – SRP $5.99 each
PJ Masks Duet Figure Assortment – SRP $7.99 each
PJ Masks Collectible Figure Set – SRP $12.99
PJ Masks Vehicle Assortment – SRP $12.99 each
PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicle Assortment – SRP $19.99

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset – SRP $69.99

PJ Masks Sing and Talk Plush- SRP $19.99
PJ Masks Mini Plush – SRP $7.99 each

PJ Masks Hero Dress-Up Assortment – SRP $19.99 each
PJ Masks Character Mask Assortment – SRP $9.99 each

Just Play provided the toys for this video.

Lightseekers – New Game-Play, Action Figures, Weapons

A deeper look at Tomy and Play Fusion’s Lightseekers toys to life game. Drawing on talent from Runescape, Tomb Raider and Street Fighter this isn’t just another Skylanders knock off.

We sit down with the producer of the game to hear how they crafted the toys, weapons and expansions.

There’s an integrated card game, multiplayer online mode as well as a whole host of characters to collect. We take a look at Mari and Tyrax Starter Packs that will retail for around $69.99 when released early next year.

Tantos – Welcome to Tantos, a fantastical world full of magic and mystery. Tantos is a world of dramatic landscape, from mountainous peaks to a bottomless rift, it is a world that has seen much of life and death. The planet has a giant Lightstone at its core; the magic which flows throughout Tantos has its source in the Lightstone core. 800 years ago a powerful, unexplained shockwave tore through the lifeblood of the planet, overpowering and shattering all of the world’s lightstones. This cascade effect led the planet itself to rupture, creating the massive rift – a scar across Tantos, reaching all the way down into its core. In the present day, after centuries of stability, the balance of magics on Tantos is threatened. Only the most powerful heroes, the ‘Lightseekers’ can take on the evil umbron and defeat their plan to rule Tantos.
The Game – The game itself is an action-adventure role playing game with fun and rewarding combat, puzzles and minigames designed specifically for mobile and tablet gamers. The player must choose their hero and venture out into the wilds of Tantos to uncover the sinister plots of the umbron and shine a light on the truth. Through their travels players will discover new lands and races, hundreds of hours of quests and infinitely re-playable dungeons. New content can also be unearthed or existing content altered or augmented by interacting with the Lightseekers cards and digital action figures. This interactivity provides a truly dynamic gameplay experience in addition to the thrill of seeing physical items affect the game and vice versa. As the player spends time in the game they will acquire powerful new skills, gear and abilities which in turn will grant access to increasing levels of challenge and reward. Lightseekers is being built for the players and the community will be an integral part of an ongoing journey. To that end the world of Tantos and the gameplay within will be updated weekly to provide players with the features and content they are asking for. Lightseekers will never be ‘finished’, it will grow and evolve as a living world along with the players that guide its development.
Tyrax – A reptilian race mostly be found in the deserts around Dune’s Edge. They are a very intelligent race and experts when it comes to magical technology, supporting the other races with things such as weaponry, deciphering colossi tech, and airship manufacturing.
Mari – The mari are a care free, fun loving race of water creatures. They can typically be found anywhere there is water. They tend to not take things very seriously, and their goal in whatever they do is to enjoy themselves. Yet, they are not to be underestimated, as they are powerful wielders of Storm magic.
Umbron – The umbron are loyal to death and will do everything in their power to advance evil. They are very intelligent and powerful magic users, which makes them a danger to all life on Tantos.