The Lego Movie Premiere — Bill Bailey Talks Video-Games and Comedy Tips

We went to the Lego Movie Premiere and caught Bill Bailey on the red carpet in eloquent form. He talks about Lego’s ability to follow popular trends to create intelligent tie-ins, and what it takes to be a stand up comedian.

“My son and his pals are all fans of Lego. What I love is the old bricks I was using as a kid was that it’s compatible with the stuff he buys.”

“I like the way the games make the fun of the limitations of the Lego and incorporate that into the humor.”

“I think it was inevitable that they’d make a movie and I’m intrigued to see how it turns out. Lego are very successful at adapting to new trends of incorporating the brand and idea of Lego into whatever comes along. Lego the word means play, so they keep it simple.”

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