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[Song] Rebecca Mayes reviews Fable with her song “Today’s the Day”

Rebecca Mayes sings about her song “Today’s the Day” that looks at Fable. It’s a game where you make choices about the character in the game that change its outcome. It’s an exploration about choices about moral questions and love.

Lyrics for Today is the Day

Every night I dream so deep
I see such things
With secret meanings
I’m following the trail you laid
Into the dark
And it’s taking me apart

If this life is one long dream
I want to know just what it means
Cause I’ve laid down so many hours
To peel away my many layers

And with the dawn my eyes are born

Today is the day

I watch my life like a film I’m writing
Where every moment’s happening
Means absolutely everything
And I feel it all like a drug I’m taking
And I can’t stop this waking
Breaking me apart

What remains there underneath
The skins I’ve shed fall at my feet
There is nothing that I know
And no particular place to go

When I see what I see is

Today is the day

You can do it.

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