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Skylanders Giants and Wonderbook, Augmented Reality Video Games (FGTV 2.25)

As the kids get their Skylanders all leveled up for Skylanders Giants they find themselves surprisingly distracted by Wonderbook the new peripheral for the PlayStation 3 — we had the chance to try out a development build of the game at home.
Like the Skylander figures, the book magically appears in the game — here it’s the PlayStation Eye camera (rather than the Portal) that transports it into the electronic world. Wonderbook then provides all manner of books to read, starting with Book of Spells that teaches players to be a Hogwarts wizard or witch.
This first play not only got the kids off Skylanders but also proved a much more relaxing experience when bed time approached. We are looking forward to the full release this year, along with other books for Wonderbook like Digs Nightcrawlers and Walking with Dinosaurs.
This episode of FGTV was supported by Sony Computer Entertainment UK Limited.
The title song “Win This Race” by the artist “Piccadilly Circus” is used with permission, according to the license agreement.

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