Severed (Vita) Boss Battle & Upgrade Interview

Severed (Vita) Boss Battle & Upgrade Interview

We speak to Chris McQuinn about Severed on Vita.

“It’s done tastefully and a part of the overarching story is looking for your family. Sure you are carrying the corpse of your brother and other people, but it deals with important topics in a nice and sweet rather than gruesome way.”

I also asked McQuinn about the decision to bring Severed to Vita. “We’ve had such a good relationship with the Vita community in the past, like the Vita Lounge. People who own Vitas like to buy games that aren’t so standard, games like Severed. We’ll see what the reception is like on Vita. If it does really well then maybe it makes sense to go somewhere else, but for now we are focused on Vita.”

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