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PJ Masks Super Learning Headquarters

In this PJ Masks Episodes we check out a new PJ Masks Season 2 with the PJ Masks Super Learning Headquarters

This is a PJ Masks video game where you have to solve puzzles, answer questions and help Owlette, Gekko and Catboy to win.

It’s a VTech game that has the following official description:
“Join your favorite nighttime superhero trio with the PJ Masks Super Learning Headquarters™. Twelve exciting activities introduce science, letters, counting, problem solving and more. Choose the Owl Glider, Gekko-Mobile or Cat-Car, then plug it in to begin an activity. Use the vehicle to navigate in the games as you chase down villains, learn about the butterfly life cycle, sort fruits and vegetables, learn about famous places around the world, solve mysteries and more. Hear the characters’ voices and popular catchphrases while watching fun animations of the PJ Masks and villains from the show. Get ready to go into the night to save the day!

Ages 3-6 years, $29.99, available Fall 2018)

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