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PJ Masks Romeo Lab Toy Stolen from Toy Fair

In our new Season 2 PJ Masks Episodes we go to New York Toy Fair 2018 to discover all the new PJ Masks toys and games.

Gekko, Owlette and Catboy toys take a plane ride to New York and turn into Real Life PJ Masks (IRL).

PJ Masks Season 2 Toys from Disney Junior show., PJ Masks Super Moon Rocketship, PJ Masks Romeo Lab Playset.

We look at all the new Season 2 PJ Masks toys from New York Toy Fair 2018. This PJ Masks Episodes looks at all the toys in detail.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Rocketship
PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset
Catboy Moon Rover
Gekko Moon Rover
Owlette Moon Rover
Super Moon Adventure Figures
New Power Up Figures
New Wolfie Villains and Howler

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